Woman is on probation for stealing drugs from veterinary hospital

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IDHAO FALLS – A woman from Idaho Falls will be on probation after stealing drugs from the vet clinic where she worked.

Lauren B. Tasner was sentenced to two years probation on May 27 after pleading guilty to petty theft and possession of a controlled substance. Magistrate judge Kent Gauchay has chosen to suspend two years in prison that could be served if Tasner violates probation terms.

Court records show that prosecutors initially charged Tasner with the felony of possession of a controlled substance and the misdemeanor of possession of a controlled substance and petty theft. However, as part of a plea deal, a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute was dismissed. She also agreed to pay all compensation.

In October, the Northgate Animal Hospital called the Idaho Falls Police Department after noting that a controlled substance called Dorolex, a synthetic pain reliever, was missing from its inventory. Tasner worked as a veterinary technician at the animal hospital and she signed off on the medication inventory the day before.

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At first, Tasner denied taking the drugs, saying she must have misplaced them. When pushed further, Tasner said she took the Dorolex but didn’t want to say where it was going, wanting to know how in deep trouble she was.

Eventually, officers discovered a make-up bag outside the office with “My Little Bag of Stuff” stamped on it. In the bag, police found a stolen vial of Dorolex, three vials of diazepam, a vial of sterile water, syringes and a tourniquet.

Officers continued to investigate, sending the vials to the Idaho State Police lab and allowing the veterinary office to see how many drugs were missing. In November, police were called by an accountant in the office who said $ 18,200 in drugs was missing at Northgate Animal Hospital. Tasner was only billed for the drugs found in her makeup bag.

Tasner was not arrested, but received a summons to appear in court.

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