up polls: UP CM gives an indication of the theme of the BJP campaign in the polls

UP CM Yogi Adityanath spoke about terrorism, Kashmir, border security, Ram temple and community riots during a BJP OBC outreach program on Friday, giving a clear indication of his party’s campaign theme for them. next legislative elections.

He alleged that Congress had planted “seeds of terrorism in Kashmir” in the form of Article 370 and criticized the SP for “withdrawing from business against the terrorists who attacked Ramjanmbhoomi”. During the UPA rule, China and Pakistan “often broke into the country” and those who questioned the government were “silenced”, during the BJP rule the two neighbors “received a appropriate response ”from the Indian military.

“The root cause of terrorism was planted by Congress in 1952 with Article 370. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Interior Minister Amit Shah repealed it … He set the last nail in the coffin of terrorism and sent a message to eradicate it. forever, “said CM. The CM’s statement comes amid multiple killings in Kashmir by activists. 12 civilians, mostly non-locals and minorities, were targeted, reviving the issue of security in J&K.

“You would have seen under the SP government, terrorists brought back the medieval age when temples and mathematics were attacked and the feelings of the Hindu community were trampled,” he said. “What was the first decision we made after taking office? To forgo loans to farmers … What was the decision taken by the SP government? Those who had carried out terrorist attacks on the Ramjanmbhoomi, their records were withdrawn. difference.”

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