UCSF Rosenman Institute Announces Rosenman Innovators 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – UCSF Rosenman Institute is proud to announce the 2021 Rosenman Innovators Cohort, a group of early stage health technology companies chosen for their innovative technologies and impact on patients.

2021 is the sixth year of the Rosenman Innovator Selection Round, which aims to identify promising companies seeking funding from the seed stage to Series A. The number of applicant companies has increased by 20 % compared to 2020 figures, itself a record year.

“I am delighted to welcome these ten amazing companies to our program,” said Christine winoto, Founder and Executive Director of UCSF Rosenman Institute. “We chose them because their technologies meet important patient needs and have great market potential, and we believe their teams can do the job. In addition, the founders of Rosenman Innovator are an increasingly vital group at the heart of our ecosystem, sharing their knowledge and connections with other founders. “

Rosenman Innovators from previous years include Koya Medical, which recently received FDA clearance for Dayspring active compression therapy system to treat lymphedema; GT Medical, which recently enrolled its first patient in a clinical trial evaluating GammaTile® Therapy in patients with metastatic brain tumors; and EMME, maker of the EMME smart case for birth control pills, named by Fast Company as one of the 10 most innovative wellness companies of 2021.

The Rosenman Innovator 2021 cohort:

  • Auricle, Inc. is a medical device company focused on commercializing the first validated and effective therapy that treats tinnitus at the source.
  • Avenda Health built a male “lumpectomy” for prostate cancer to preserve quality of life. Their AI-based laser ablation can be performed in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia.
  • Evren Technologies Advances PTSD treatment with user-friendly products including a headset that treats PTSD via neurostimulation, symptom tracking app, remote clinician monitoring, and PTSD patient database.
  • Fibralign Corporation produces therapeutic devices using its patented Nanoweave technology that creates a bio-scaffold that precisely mimics human tissue. Fibralign’s first product tackles lymphedema, an incurable global chronic disease.
  • imvaria is a healthcare technology company that develops and markets digital biomarkers, machine learning tools to drive diagnosis and risk stratification in severe and rare diseases.
  • Invenio imagery develops the NIO laser imaging system, designed to streamline intraoperative histology, reduce operating room downtime and allow examination of specimens from multiple sites in the surgical cavity.
  • Noleus Technologies, Inc. is developing a low-risk therapeutic device to reduce postoperative ileus. It’s a $ 5.8 billion TAM, and Noleus is a start-up company with intellectual property issued with a 510K FDA route.
  • Novela Neurotechnologies, Inc. markets nEureka®, a patient-centric data platform that enables personalized remote care for epilepsy. nEureka® harnesses smart wearable devices to enable users to manage all aspects of their epilepsy 24/7.
  • OOTify, Inc. is an online mental health center serving the entire spectrum of mental health, from psychoeducation for all, to digital phenotype matching with the best clinical / subclinical resources for them, to teletherapy.
  • SpineX inc. develops TESCoN, a non-invasive spinal cord neuromodulator to activate and recycle spinal neural circuits responsible for the control of function.

About the Rosenman Institute at UCSF
UCSF Rosenman Institute, a QB3 health technology initiative at University of California, San Francisco, is a community of investors, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs who create solutions for unmet clinical needs. Its mission is to drive innovation and education and improve patient care by helping entrepreneurs from concept to commercialization. No UC affiliation is required to gain support from the UCSF Rosenman Institute. Visit https://rosenmaninstitute.org/.

CONTACT: Kaspar Mossman, (415) 514-9790, [email protected]

SOURCE UCSF Rosenman Institute

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