Tesla Semi production interior teased with cool details

If Elon Musk’s recent comments are any indication, the Tesla Semi will go into production later this year. Interestingly enough, the EV maker has updated the vehicle’s official webpage, including, among other things, what appears to be a teaser of the Tesla Semi’s production interior. Needless to say, it looks fantastic, but could also be polarizing for some.

The interior of the Tesla Semi has been pretty elusive ever since the vehicle’s first iteration was unveiled in late 2017. Back then, the Semi’s interior featured many elements of the original Model 3, from its dashboard to its driver screens. from Tesla updated web page for the Semi featured a few changes from the interior of the original Semi, and some of them are noteworthy.

The interior of the original Tesla Semi. (Credit: abdouh15/Reddit)

If the new images are indicative of the final iteration of the Class 8 all-electric truck, the Tesla Semi’s production interior will feature some elements that appear to have been pulled from both the new Model S and X and the Model 3 and Y. What remained of the original prototypes, however, was the Semi’s mid-mounted driving position, which gives drivers an unobstructed view of the road.

The vehicle’s steering wheel, which appears to be inspired by the new S and X models. Similar to the flagship sedan and SUV, the Semi’s steering wheel features multiple (presumably touch-sensitive) buttons for functions like turn signals and horn.

The updated Tesla Semi interior. (Credit: Tesla)

The apparent lack of stalks in the steering column is also interesting. Therefore, shifting gears and accessing features such as windshield wipers would likely require a small learning curve. The Semi also looks set to come with dual phone chargers, which would likely be appreciated as drivers could charge their phone and possibly a spare battery at the same time.

All in all, it’s likely that the Tesla Semi is already – if not already – approaching its production version. And given the growing number of trucks spotted across the United States, it looks like the Semi could begin deliveries later this year. However, given the truck’s pedal-less drive system and (likely touch-sensitive) steering wheel controls, some drivers may find themselves adjusting a bit before getting comfortable with driving the Class 8 all-electric truck.

Tesla’s short teaser of the Tesla Semi’s production interior can be viewed below.

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Tesla Semi’s Production Interior Teased: Tactile Turn Signals, Pedal-Free Driving, And More

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