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A recent study by found that 1 in 3 neighborhoods in some of the nation’s largest cities, including Dallas, is in what is called a “drugstore desert.”

These are communities without access to pharmacies and the drugs necessary for health and quality of life.

The study found that about 8.3 million people in these drugstore deserts were Blacks or Latinxes.

Although Dallas-based Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is not a drugstore, it hopes to someday produce inexpensive versions of expensive generics and offer them to patients without the “middleman.”

“You kind of have bad players all over the pharmaceutical supply chain – cheating people and pricing every step of the way and the only way around that was to control it from start to finish,” said Alex Osmyansky. , founder of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and CEO. “We’re slowly putting this in place, and at the end of the day the best way to make sure you get the drug prices at the price you want is to just make them.”

The company broke new ground in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood in March 2021.

“There are so many products that cost hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars for a single dose of the drug,” Osmyansky said. “This facility should be able to manufacture most of these products for $ 10 a dose.”

It’s a model that could help people living in some of those drugstore deserts.

“We should have partners available with mail order offers and telehealth offers later in the year. This is a very important subject, ”said Osyansky. “They did the studies and if you’re in one of those drugstore deserts, your chances of dying from heart disease are actually higher because you don’t take your meds.”


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