Student Crisis Action Plans Approval – Unicameral Update

Lawmakers passed a bill on May 19 that requires every public, private, denominational, and parochial school in Nebraska to create individualized health plans for students with seizure disorders.

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Sen. Jen day

Under LB639, presented by Omaha Sen. Jen Day, a school with an enrolled student who has a seizure disorder and needs medication must have at least one employee in each school building who is trained to recognize and respond to seizures and administer medication.

Before a school employee can administer seizure medication, a student’s parent or guardian must provide written authorization, a written statement from the student’s physician, and the medication in its unopened sealed package. with the intact label affixed by the dispensing pharmacy.

A parent or guardian should also work with school employees to create a written, individualized health plan to recognize and prepare for the health care needs of a student diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Each student’s crisis action plan should be distributed to any school staff member or volunteers responsible for it.

A student should be permitted to have the supplies, equipment and medications necessary to treat a seizure disorder if specified in the student’s seizure action plan.

LB639 also requires every certified school employee to review seizure-related materials at least once every two school years beginning in the 2022-23 school year.

Finally, the bill obliges the State Board of Education to develop requirements for training programs for school employees, procedures for developing action plans against foreclosures and the content of those plans.

Senators voted 44-3 to pass LB639.


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