Stryper’s Michael Sweet to Undergo Emergency Eye Surgery for Retinal Detachment

STRITING leader michael sweet will have emergency surgery on his right eye for retinal detachment.

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina separates from the back of the eye, causing loss of peripheral vision. Without immediate treatment, a retinal detachment can lead to complete loss of vision, according to Health Line.

Soft shared the news of her diagnosis in a Instagram post on Friday (November 19). The 58-year-old singer / guitarist wrote: “I just saw the ophthalmologist and I have a retinal detachment. I will need emergency surgery (vitrectomy) on my right eye. details) so that I may or may not have restored normal vision. I think it will and of course I welcome any prayer I can get. My left eye (good eye) has an old retinal tear and will need a laser (at the office) to repair. It is also sensitive to retinal detachment. I’ll be down for the account for 2 weeks (lying face down so the bubble they place in my eye can stay in place) and I guess that’s going to be the hardest part of it all. The doctor said it was hereditary. “

Soft added that her annual Christmas solo show, which was scheduled to take place this year on Dec. 3 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, has been canceled. Tickets will be honored at next year’s concert, which is slated for December 10, 2022.

“My sincere apologies as it breaks my heart to cancel a show or event,” he said. “I love you all and deeply appreciate all of your concerns, thoughts and prayers.”

Michaelthe medical emergency occurs months later STRITING guitarist Oz Fox underwent the first of his brain surgeries to treat one of the tumors found in his head three years ago. Therefore, ounce has been absent from the group’s recent tour dates and has been temporarily replaced by Howie simon (JEFF SCOTT SOTO, GRAHAM BONNET).

Early August, ounce said he thought “it would be better” for him to take the rest of the touring year “for a solid recovery time” after the surgery.

Foxthe tumors in – one in his ear and the other in the back of his brain – were discovered when he suffered his first seizure in August 2018 while performing with SINNERS OF THE CITY OF SIN at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

In October 2020, Fox was briefly hospitalized after suffering another massive seizure.

In the following weeks Foxoriginal seizure of August 2018, STRITING toured Australia and Japan as a trio, then recruited Simon fill while Fox could not take the road.

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by Michael Sweet (@michaelsweetstryper)

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by Michael Sweet (@michaelsweetstryper)

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