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The State Department of Human Services and KC Care LLC have reached a settlement to resolve a dispute over abuse and neglect cases in foster homes for people with developmental disabilities.

The state corroborated reports of abuse and neglect at KC Care foster homes and decided to revoke the provider’s licenses. Seaside-based KC Care challenged the state’s findings.

KC Care LLC, a Seaside-based adult foster home provider, had challenged the state’s findings regarding abuse and neglect.

The settlement was disclosed just before the trial began in Clatsop County Circuit Court in late May.

According to Sherryll Hoar, spokesperson for the Department of Social Services, Ken Biamont, the registered agent for KC Care, is resigning.

Biamont partner Cravalynn Weber will take over the company and be licensed subject to a successful background check, Hoar said.

Hoar said Weber would not apply for or license an adult foster home or provide services to anyone in foster care funded by the state’s Office of Developmental Disabilities Services for five years. .

KC Care does not currently operate any foster homes, according to the state, but is licensed to provide community life support services.

“The Office of Developmental Disorders Services authorizes and monitors programs supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I / DD) to ensure the safety of everyone participating in the program,” Hoar said in an email. “We can confirm that we have reached an agreement on the terms of a settlement that will protect people with I / DD who receive services from KC Care.”

Biamont and his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

In court files, Biamont’s lawyers denied the state’s findings of abuse and neglect and called the investigations biased and procedural flaws.

The Astorian reported in 2019 that investigations into abuse and neglect in adult foster homes on the North Coast revealed a lack of oversight in the county’s program for people with disabilities.

At the time, the county was responsible for overseeing a contract with Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, a private non-profit organization, to coordinate with providers and help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, trisomy 21 and epilepsy.

Using the state’s public records law, the newspaper obtained documents that showed the state’s concern about the management of the program and how the state nearly pulled the contract in 2018 unless changes were made. be brought.

Many of the problems with the lack of oversight stem from the state’s investigations into KC Care.

A few months after the state’s concerns became public, the county council of commissioners voted unanimously to transfer oversight of the developmental disability program entirely to the Department of Social Services. The state now oversees the contract with Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare.

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