Staffie undergoes ‘miracle’ operation after eating six packets of chocolate coins

A Staffordshire bull terrier has undergone life-saving surgery after gobbling up six packets of Christmas chocolate coins.

Six-year-old pet owner Hugo had been to shops to return to find all their chocolate was gone and wrappers were littering the floor of their home in Plymouth, Devon.

The Staffie was rushed to the town’s PDSA pet hospital where vets made the decision to operate, as chocolate can be fatal to dogs with foil being an added danger .

He was very lucky and could have died if he hadn’t been treated in time. Although not yet fully out of the woods, luckily Hugo is now home with strict rest and on the road to recovery.Donna Southwould, PDSA Pet Nurse

Owner Amie said the PDSA treatment was a “Christmas miracle” for Hugo, adding: “I had only been to the stores briefly and came back to find torn packages and pieces of foil everywhere. on the floor, without chocolate.

“At first Hugo seemed to be fine, but I felt very worried when he started to vomit blood. He then had a seizure which was terrifying, so I called PDSA immediately.

At the hospital run by the veterinary charity, Hugo was assessed, sedated and had an x-ray, which revealed his stomach was full of aluminum foil, requiring surgery to remove it.

PDSA veterinarian nurse Donna Southwould said: “Hugo was kept overnight after his major surgery. He needed a drip of intravenous fluid, medication, and intensive nursing care to help him recover.

“He was very lucky and could have died if he hadn’t been treated in time. Although not fully out of the woods yet, luckily Hugo is now home with strict rest and on the road to recovery. “

Advising owners to be aware of the dangers of festive treats to their pets, she added: Some of these foods are very harmful to our pets.


Packaging films removed from Hugo (PDSA / PA)


Packaging films removed from Hugo (PDSA / PA)

“Foods such as chocolate, tarts, onions, raisins, raisins, some nuts, sage and onion stuffing, and Christmas cake can all be harmful and should be kept out of reach. paws.

“Instead of extra food, why not try giving your pets some extra play time this Christmas?”

Amie added, “I don’t know what I would have done without the incredibly kind and caring staff at PDSA – they were amazing. Honestly, I don’t think Hugo would be here without them.

“They went above and beyond for him and I will be eternally grateful to them. There were a number of times I thought we were going to lose it, so having it home for Christmas is a miracle.

A PDSA spokesperson said: “If you think your pet may have eaten something they shouldn’t, call your vet immediately as they may need urgent treatment.”

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