She aborted her baby because of the Lovenox drugs… a doctor’s cry shortens the suffering of the patients!

December 10, 2021

She carried him in her womb and watched him grow inside her with joy and patience. She who had suffered from miscarriages received the news of her pregnancy with enthusiasm and gratitude. 4 months ago, health care to avoid painful loss that she could not bear, but in Lebanon losses can live because of the interruption of medicines. Yes, in 2021 we are talking about the collapse of the health sector and the loss of major drugs. In Lebanon, a person dies because he has not received treatment for lack of medication and not as a result of an illness, it’s a joke!

Living in Lebanon in the shadow of chaos, monopolies and nepotism which control some of its sectors, means that you put your life on the betting table, your health “on the palm of a leprechaun” controlled by your financial capacity. to buy drugs. or surrender.

In 2021, this woman lost her fetus due to lack of Lovenox needles Regularly, she lost her baby in the fourth month of her pregnancy because she could not secure it, store it or buy it monthly because it was cut, or because certain monopolies in medicine have not found sufficient profit for it, because money has a stronger power than humanity.

The cry of family medicine specialist Dr Mohamed Jardali two days ago shook our humanity and did not shake the conscience of the authorities, while it brought down governments abroad.

“I have a patient who is pregnant in the fourth month and needs a Lovenox gonorrhea needle ØŒ And you don’t get needles regularly

Today I called to say she was relieved… I don’t know what’s going on…. From a tweet on Twitter to a call that reveals the suffering of what is happening with the Lebanese, while drugs are still cut despite the partial lifting of support.

Jardali explains that “the woman is suffering from clots and must take these needles to stabilize the pregnancy and not to have an abortion. But the problem is that this drug does not exist in Lebanon and the alternative does not exist either, which prompted her to try to obtain it from Syria or Turkey.

In Lebanon, not everyone can buy medicine. You must be in the affluent category or have a salary in fresh dollars to obtain the drug or research an alternative alternative and the risks, complications, and side effects that it can cause.

Jardali describes what happened saying, “There are things that cannot be compensated for. This woman lost her fetus in the fourth month of her pregnancy. Who can compensate her for this loss and trauma? This loss could have been avoided if these drugs were available and secure as they were before.

What Jardali receives from his patients’ calls is no different from begging calls to other doctors, many of whom face complications from not taking their medications regularly or even finding alternatives. I’m the family doctor and I was sad about what happened to her, so how is she? What is the state doing with the Lebanese today? He said to them, “If you are not among the rich, you will die.

There are no drugs in Lebanon, no generics, no brand names, and people have no choice but to resort to health centers which themselves lack major drugs. What is this hellish plan to lift partial subsidies for chronic disease drugs and keep them absent or disrupted in the market? What should the patient do in this case?

If the patient is well-off, the drug is supplied from outside. But if he is “as is”, he must wait for his health to deteriorate or seek an alternative.

This incident is not the only one. There is a diabetic patient who no longer takes his medication regularly and now has leg infections, and he couldn’t find an infection medication to treat him. The infection has reached the bone, so who will save their leg from the danger of amputation? We are in 2021 and we have promised ourselves to raise the risk of amputating the leg of a diabetic because it was not possible to obtain anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic drugs, while doctors find themselves helpless in the face of this reality. About 50% of the doctors have immigrated from Lebanon in search of employment opportunities away from this crisis which plagues Lebanon, while the rest are treated according to those that exist.

The quantities delivered to pharmacies are very low, while health centers lack drugs from major brands and generics provide what they have. This means that we have become, in a divided society, “affordable patients who treat themselves at their own expense and buy drugs abroad, and patients who resort to health centers and seek available alternatives”.

Jardali sums up: “The situation is very bad, and the health situation has become like in Africa. Therefore, the drug monopoly must be broken, the drug office must be activated, the local industry must be strengthened, drugs monitored and generics supported (today generics are more expensive in some cases than the brand) , and most importantly, the entire health care system must be activated.

Time is the patient’s enemy. What is happening is a crime against the Lebanese. Better prevention than a thousand remedies, but how can you protect your health in a society that lacks basic medicines? Who will bear the cost of these losses and the cost of the pain of people whose lives have become so cheap?

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