‘Rosa One Brain’ arrives at London Children’s Hospital

It’s Epilepsy Awareness Day and the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Center is celebrating with the arrival of a brand new state-of-the-art robotic arm.

According to the surgeons, the ‘Rosa One Brain’ will help them perform a procedure that identifies the location of epileptic seizures in patients for later brain surgery.

This robot-assisted surgery can finally treat children of their seizures, curing their epilepsy.

As one of two regional centers of excellence for epilepsy surgery in Ontario, Children’s Hospital receives referrals from other hospitals, health centers and family physicians’ offices in the province.

To date, this type of robot has only been available at LHSC University Hospital, but surgeons say having a new robot at Children’s Hospital will allow them to better treat children without having to transport them between hospitals.

Dr Sandrine De Ribaupierre, a neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital, says: “The robot actually allows us to put electrodes into the brain without having a big opening, because we make little holes for each electrode and then we insert these electrodes and monitor this patient for about two weeks to find out where the seizure is coming from, and then we decide if we can remove that part of the brain to cure their epilepsy.

Children’s Health Foundation donors helped fund the $752,000 state-of-the-art equipment.

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