Re-Pill is an analog clock with dispensers to facilitate medication schedules

For those who take a lot of pills and medications every day for the maintenance of various illnesses and conditions, it is important to have a system that will remind you to take them regularly. Some use apps, others are more analog with their planners and calendars, while some may need help from other people to remind them. But those who may have brain injuries such as TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury may need other systems and tools, especially during their recovery phase.

Creator: Rahul Ashok Barve

This device called Re-Pill is created specifically for those who have TBI and may suffer from cognitive issues like memory loss, attention deficit, and other issues related to their disorder. It is basically an analog clock and pill dispenser to remind the user and/or caregiver to take their medications throughout the day. The pill boxes are placed when they are supposed to be taken so that it is easy to remember and take them out.

The clock can also be turned when they take the pills so that it is easier to get them out. Even the containers are easy to use with the lid using a snap mechanism. There will be 12 containers in the analog clock so that the pills can be placed at the corresponding time when they need to be taken. The patient’s caregiver or companion can refill the containers if there are different times and medications needed throughout the day.

Design-wise, the analog clock is pretty basic, but the pill boxes around it give it a unique look. The orange color also makes it stand out while the clear containers will also highlight the different colors of the pills which can sometimes help the patient distinguish between the different medications they are taking. It’s a useful tool to help those who have trouble remembering things and even digital tools like phones and apps can’t help them.

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