Online psychiatry: where to go?

Psychiatrists are licensed health care professionals who can treat mental health problems and prescribe medication. Traditionally, people had to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist in person. However, some companies now operate an online psychiatry system. Online psychiatry allows a person to communicate with a psychiatrist through video chat or phone call.

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Online psychiatrists can be beneficial for people who cannot see a psychiatrist in person. These professionals may be able to diagnose and treat mental health issues without an appointment in person.

The form of online psychiatry sessions varies between companies and may also depend on the preferences of the client.

For example, some companies may offer phone calls, video calls, and messages, with the customer being able to choose their preferred contact method.

Some online psychiatry service providers require a person to subscribe to their service and pay a monthly subscription. Others will require someone to pay a one-time fee for the initial consultation and an additional fee for any follow-up appointment.

People might want to think about how often they would use this service to determine the most profitable plan for them.

Research suggests that video-based psychiatry is reliable and effective. A meet again have found that video-based, e-health and telephone-based forms of psychiatry are comparable to face-to-face psychiatry in the treatment of depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, anxiety and substance use.

Additionally, the author notes that video and telephone psychiatry is effective for the following groups of people:

  • children and adolescents
  • the elderly
  • people in prisons and other correctional facilities
  • people who go to the emergency room with mental health problems

This research also suggests that video-based psychiatry may lead to more culturally appropriate care for Native American veterans and the Hispanic community. However, more research is needed in this area.

People can choose from several online psychiatry services. Although all psychiatrists are qualified to deal with mental health issues, some may have more experience than others with a certain mental health issue. Many online psychiatric services offer people the choice of multiple psychiatrists.

Please note that the author has not tested these services. All information is based on research.

Discussion space

Talkspace has an application that allows a person to make an appointment and manage their profile.

The client completes a brief assessment, and the company then connects them with a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner in their condition who can help them meet their needs. An approved prescriber organizes these sessions and can prescribe medication if necessary. Each session will be done with the same professional.

A first appointment costs $ 199 and follow-up appointments cost $ 125. A person’s insurance plan may cover part of the cost of Talkspace appointments.

Talkspace is available on iOS and Android.

Health Online Live

LiveHealth Online offers online psychiatric appointments, as well as other medical appointments.

The certified psychiatrists on the company’s board of directors have completed online psychiatry training. People can use this service and make an appointment at any time of the week. They can choose which doctor they wish to speak with after learning about their qualifications and experiences.

It is free to create an account with LiveHealth Online. However, at the time of publication, an initial consultation costs $ 175 and each follow-up appointment costs $ 75. LiveHealth Online indicates that a person’s insurance plan may cover some of these costs.

LiveHealth Online also offers a free app that a client can use to access their account and make appointments. This application is available on iOS and Android.

Am fine

Amwell is a telemedicine company. People can access various types of medical care, such as emergency care, psychiatry, and nutritional counseling online. Amwell Psychiatric Services employ certified psychiatrists.

Amwell’s services are available nationwide. Psychiatrists who work with the company can help treat many ailments, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, OCD, and PTSD.

The company works with a person’s primary care physician, so duplicate prescriptions or tests are less likely and all treatment information is in one place.

An initial online consultation costs $ 279 and follow-up visits cost $ 109. Personal insurance may partially or fully cover the cost of Amwell appointments.

Amwell also offers a free app that people can use to book and manage appointments. This application is available on iOS and Android.


MDLIVE healthcare professionals are available 24/7. The company also offers a free app that users can use on iOS or Android to book appointments and pay for services.

MDLIVE says it carefully monitors all of its certified psychiatrists. A person can choose between a phone or video appointment. Psychiatrists can send prescriptions to a person’s nearest pharmacy if necessary.

An initial consultation costs $ 284 and follow-up appointments cost $ 108. A person’s health insurance may cover all or part of the costs of this service.

Doctor on demand

Doctor on Demand psychiatrists are available 24/7. People who use this service will have a video appointment with their psychiatrist.

Potential clients will need to complete an initial mental health assessment. They can then browse the company’s psychiatrists and schedule a video consultation with a professional of their choice.

Psychiatrists can screen for mental health problems and treat pre-diagnosed problems. Doctor on Demand licensed psychiatrists can provide medications, except for controlled substances, such as benzodiazepines and stimulants.

An initial consultation costs $ 299 and follow-up appointments cost $ 129. A person’s insurance plan may cover all or part of the costs.

Doctor on Demand also offers a free app that people can use to book and schedule appointments. This application is available on iOS and Android.


Cerebral is a company specializing in virtual appointments for mental health issues.

This company operates a subscription service. Cerebral has separate medication and therapy plans, or a person may choose a plan that includes both medication and therapy. Prices vary according to the plans.

Depending on the plan, a subscription may include regular video or phone appointments with both a prescription provider and a licensed care counselor or therapist. Some plans also include the delivery of prescription drugs, at no additional cost, to the customer’s home.

The company accepts payments into flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts, as well as some major insurance plans. Some Cerebral subscription plans are not available in some states.

Cerebral also has an app that people can use to make and manage appointments. This application is available on iOS and Android.

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