Omicron in Karnataka: mapping how a Bengaluru doctor was infected

On the role citizens can play in preventing a spike, Dr Rao said shutdown is the latest approach to the app

Amid concern over two cases of Omicron detected in Karnataka, NDTV spoke with Dr Vishal Rao, a member of the Genomic Oversight Committee of the Covid State Task Force, about how the doctor of Bengaluru may have been infected and on the way forward.

  1. On the fact that one of those infected did not have a recent history of international travel, he said: “The way the virus mixes together, there could be potential points at which there could have been some form of interaction with a foreign traveler. “

  2. Rule out that the Omicron strain could have entered Bengaluru earlier, he said authorities were “very, very vigilant” and that there was “no way for us to get Omicron in retrospect.”

  3. When asked if the state might see further restrictions, Dr Rao said restrictions might be inevitable to stem an increase in cases. “Karnataka was able to keep the percentage phenomenally below 1%.

  4. Regarding the role that citizens can play in preventing a peak, he said that a shutdown is “the last approach to enforcement”. “The role of citizens is essential to come forward, take responsibility and ensure appropriate behavior for Covid,” said Dr Rao.

  5. When asked if this could be the start of the third wave of Covid cases in India, Dr Rao said there were no such indications. “As of yet, there is no indication that this is the third wave. But it is a signal for people to say that the war is far from over. Let’s not prematurely claim victory over this. stadium, ”he said.

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