New study shows that self-administered abortion with medication is safe and no less effective than medical abortion managed by a clinician in a clinical setting

The SAFE study shows that the efficacy of misoprostol alone regimens for medical abortion is higher than previously reported in clinical trials

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Highlights of the SAFE study:

  • Self-directed abortion (SMA) with medication is very safe and effective:

  • Medicated SA is no less effective than medical abortion managed by a clinician in a clinical setting for pregnancies of less than 9 weeks duration.

  • No deaths or major adverse events occurred among the SAFE study participants.

Today, the Studying Accompaniment Model Feasibility and Effectiveness (SAFE) study was published in The Lancet Global Health. Advocates of safe abortion at the Colectiva Feminista La Revuelta de Neuquén (Argentina), GIWYN (Nigeria), and in South East Asia, in collaboration with researchers from Ibis Reproductive Health (South Africa and United States), designed and implemented the SAFE study.

The SAFE study, the first of its kind, recruited more than 1,000 people who contacted a safe abortion support group in Argentina Where Nigeria, followed them for about a month and measured the outcomes of their self-administered abortion experiences, with completion of the abortion without surgery being the primary outcome.

Self-administered medical abortion involves the use of one of two treatment regimens to terminate a pregnancy without clinical supervision recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO-recommended treatment regimens for mifepristone in combination with misoprostol, or misoprostol alone, are safe and effective methods of terminating pregnancy in a clinical setting. A self-managed abortion with accompaniment involves clinically untrained abortion counselors who provide evidence-based information on the use of medical abortion, as well as compassionate emotional (and sometimes physical) support throughout the process of self-administered medical abortion. of an individual. Abortion support is provided by telephone, via secure digital messaging platforms, and / or in person.

There is a misconception that self-administered abortion may be unsafe or less effective than clinician-administered medical abortion – this is simply not true. The SAFE study definitively demonstrates that self-administered medical abortion is no less effective than medical abortion managed by a clinician using both mifepristone + misoprostol as well as misoprostol alone,” noted Heidi moseson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Ibis Reproductive Health and lead author of the SAFE study. The greatest risks today for people who self-manage their abortions are legal, such as criminalization and arrest, and not medical. These data support that governments, professional bodies and clinicians should remove legal and procedural barriers to self-administered abortion.. “

The SAFE study strengthens an existing body of evidence that, with accurate information, people can safely and effectively use drugs to terminate pregnancy outside of a clinical setting. These findings provide evidence for the demedicalization of early abortion care and support the importance of continued access to remote models of medical abortion, including telemedicine, which have been implemented in several countries as a result. of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of this study also suggest that ABM with supportive support may be a basic strategy for expanding access to safe and effective abortion care.

About Ibis Reproductive Health:

Ibis Reproductive Health is a global, non-profit organization that promotes change through bold, rigorous research and principled partnerships that advance sexual and reproductive autonomy, choices and health around the world. When research is undertaken in partnership with the communities most affected, we can effectively use data to catalyze change and transfer power. We focus on improving access to quality abortion care, transforming access to abortion and contraception through technological and service innovations, and expanding information and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services. Ibis works with partners in more than 30 countries on six continents.

Colectiva Feminista La Revuelta de Neuquén:

For 20 years, La Revuelta activists have focused on informing and supporting people who decide to have an abortion, so that they can do so safely and with caution. La Revuelta is part of a network of more than 60 support groups through Argentina.

About GIWYN:

Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN) is a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. GIWYN is founded on the principle that every woman and young person has the right to the highest standard of living, safe reproductive choices, high quality health care, and an enabling environment that promotes their fundamental human rights. human, reproductive and sexual health. GIWYN is leading grassroots change by providing SRHR information, empowerment activities and advocacy.


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