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By Dr Thomas Polucki

In 2010, I lost my father to neuropathy. I had no idea he was so sick, even though we talked to each other every weekend on the phone. He lived in the East, so I rarely went out there, and the last time I saw him alive his legs were black. Even though his doctors said they were doing everything that could be done …

This was the last time I accepted this lie. I immediately gave her some supplements that I knew might help with circulation and nerve repair. And I found the best red light I could, at the time, but it was too little, too late.

Hello, I am Dr. Thomas Polucki, WebMD’s choice for the best chiropractor and functional medicine in Santa Clarita. And for over 10 years, I have led over 300 functional medicine practitioners across America as medical director.

There is no single answer to neuropathy. Medication can provide temporary relief and this could be important.
But no medication helps repair damaged nerves, blood vessels, and skin. So I have spent the last ten years, after losing my father to neuropathy, finding a better option than palliative care for my patients with neuropathy.

And I’ve found that the best neuropathy specialists focus on relieving pain, burning, tingling, just like regular doctors do with opioids, antidepressants, and anti-seizure drugs. But now some neuropathy specialists are using drug-free therapies. With equally good results, if not better, and without the side effects. We offer several proven, drug-free options for nerve pain relief.

Neuropathy specialists should

In addition, they counsel and engage their patients with diet and nutrition to help nerves, blood vessels, and skin repair. Unfortunately, most physicians, no matter who they are, are unable or unwilling to provide this necessary service. And better neuropathy specialists also involve their patients in home therapy and rehabilitation exercises. Most importantly, measure their patients’ progress in terms of balance, sensitivity to pain, heat and cold. Instead of just covering up the symptoms of the death of nerves and flesh. As did my father’s doctors, who rolled their eyes when he asked them about the recommendations I was making.

I want no one to go through what we went through with my father.

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For a limited time, you can schedule a free neuropathy consultation with Dr. Thomas Polucki, DC. WebMD’s Best Chiropractor and Functional Medicine in Santa Clarita here. Due to the busy schedule, we charge a reservation fee of $ 79 which you can apply to any product or service.

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