Message from Karen Basha Egozi – President and CEO – Epilepsy Florida

We’re excited to announce that Miami Dolphins linebacker Sam Eguavoen has chosen Epilepsy Florida as his My Cause My Cleats charity of choice. We encourage you to attend the demo game on December 5, 2021 to support Sam, the Miami Dolphins and Epilepsy Florida! To learn more, visit Follow #MyCauseMyCleats


We’re getting closer to our annual Walk the Talk events! These events help raise awareness and raise funds for the benefit of Floridians living with and affected by epilepsy, and provide safe, supportive and fun environments for our communities to come together. I encourage you to choose your favorite city and make a positive impact on your local epilepsy community. Register today to walk with us!

Epilepsy Awareness Month is fast approaching. In November, we are asking you to join the fight and tell your friends and family about epilepsy to promote awareness and education about epilepsy and seizures. Looking for other ways to get involved? Epilepsy Florida can help you organize your private fundraiser, educate your community about crisis first aid, and more! Call us today to find out more and participate in our many events and activities.

Discover our upcoming events. Get inspired by our Warriors of Adversity stories.

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