Meet the creator of the Brat_Wave

MENASHA, Wis.—Jesse Foster said he still can’t believe what a single idea has become.

Foster spent years grilling kids the traditional way. He said he was always frustrated because he could never toast the kids evenly, because of their curves.

Everything changed when he put his creativity to good use and invented a unique solution.

“To go from an idea to making this product and actually having the product work…it’s great,” Foster said.

Foster invented the Brat_Wave. It’s a kitchen accessory that sits on the grill and uses curved metal to hug the curves of kids.

“It will actually cook the outer curve,” he said, pointing at the device. “And the top one here, you see, is going to cook up your inner curve eventually.”

Foster said once the curves are taken care of, the grills can then flip the kids on their side and cook the tasty sausage evenly.

He said the design was simple, but the results were beautiful.

He’s since turned his basement into a maker shop, making hundreds of Brat_Waves and selling them online and at more than two dozen businesses across Wisconsin. He sold his invention to customers across the United States

He said he also donates a dollar from each sale to the Epilepsy Foundation of Wisconsin, in honor of his daughter who lives with epilepsy.

Foster said his little idea created a huge opportunity. He said he hopes his story inspires others to create their own inventions.

“I just want to say if you have an idea or think of something, something that you want to try, go ahead and try it because you’ll never know until you try,” Foster said.

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