Medicinal cannabis oil is already helping some Tennesséens

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Less than a week after the medical marijuana legislation passed in both houses of the legislature, a family has already secured oil for their young son.

Holly Ramsey has been trying to pass a medical marijuana law in Tennessee for three years. Her son, TJ, suffers from intractable epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

The drugs they have tried so far have not worked, except for some success with CBD oil. Ramsey believed TJ needed medical grade cannabis with a higher THC content.

A day before the end of the session, lawmakers passed a bill adding eight conditions to existing law in Tennessee allowing people with epilepsy to try a low form of THC oil.

Ramsey said neither she nor her son’s neurologist at Vanderbilt knew there was a law allowing people with epilepsy to have oil. So she got some and gives it to TJ under the supervision of her doctor.

On a normal day, TJ would have about 10 seizures. Each seizure would take about 30 minutes to recover. Ramsey said it had a dramatic impact on his life. However, that all changed after TJ started taking the oil.

“In two days, the foreclosures were drastically different,” Ramsey said. “Not only was the seizures but his energy level and his personality was back and he was just happier and had a spark. He’s so much more involved with dining and shopping.”

TJ’s seizures fell to just two a day. Ramsey said it would change his life.

However, the mother believes that as TJ gets older and fatter, oils with up to 0.9% THC will have less of an effect. In addition, Ramsey must get the oil out of state according to the law.

She hopes that a change will occur at the federal level. However, she still plans to fight for better medical marijuana legislation.

The new law adds conditions such as cancer to the list of people who can get the oil. Critics of the law called it weak and say it makes it difficult for people to get treatment.

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