Lottie’s Medications Explained (Is It Real?)

In Showtime’s Yellowjackets, Lottie runs out of meds in Episode 3. What is Lottie taking and what does this mean for the rest of the series?

In the new Showtime series Yellow jackets, football player Charlotte (aka Lottie) is prescribed a drug called Loxipene – but what is the drug used for and is it real? After the plane crash, each survivor faces their own personal challenges. For now, Van is understandably still mad at Jackie for pushing Shauna away as she tries to save Van’s life. Jackie struggles to cope with the fact that rescuers are not on the way, as well as realizing that she is losing her leadership status within the team. Shauna still refuses to tell Jackie that she is sleeping with her boyfriend. Assistant coach Ben tries to keep up with just one leg, while Misty hovers above him, much to his dismay. Natalie and Travis try to get along as the group’s new hunters, while Natalie is haunted by her past.


Like most Yellow jackets“Teenage football players, not much is known about Lottie’s backstory yet. The public is aware of the fact that she has well-off parents who are absent. Natalie reveals that Lottie is a good person because she doesn’t talk about people behind their backs “unless they really deserve it.“She seems like a much-appreciated presence on the team and she doesn’t tend to rock waves. The only other piece of information viewers know about the mild-mannered teenager is that she has a drug called” Loxipene “which she has to take twice a day. In episode 3, she has run out of medication and her behavior changes noticeably. What medication is Lottie taking and how the lack of medication will affect the course of the show?

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Although the medicine “Loxipene” is not technically real, it is probably a royalty-free reference to “Loxapine”, which is a typical antipsychotic drug used in the treatment of schizophrenia. In “The Doll’s House”, episode 3 of Yellow jacketsLottie takes her last pill in the morning and her behavior changes immediately after she misses the second pill in the evening. She turns inward more, refusing to sleep in the cabin because she is paranoid that something bad happened there. Taissa finds a body in the attic, so Lottie is not technically wrong. However, his behavior around the incident is strange. Viewers are not told what type of schizophrenia the footballer suffers from, but the condition is marked by auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. In Episode 4, the girls discover an airplane that has lianas wrapped around the wheels, and Lottie mysteriously claims “they didn’t want them to go anywhere.

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The hard thing about Yellow jackets that’s how the series approaching Lottie’s disease. It’s unclear whether her predictions are true or not, or if her paranoid state is what leads the girls down the path to the eventual cannibalism heralded in. Yellow jackets Episode 1. Between Taissa’s visions of the man without eyes and the symbols carved into the trees, it seems that the series could take a supernatural turn. Lottie’s schizophrenia will certainly become a catalyst for future events in the series, especially since she doesn’t reveal to the rest of the team that she suffers from a mental illness and has no more medications. If Lottie were to be honest with his teammates about his condition, it could save a lot of time and misunderstandings. Plus, Misty would happily watch over her with Coach Ben. However, what Lottie reveals to be his own prerogative.

Lottie’s non-drug schizophrenia is sure to become a major plot point in Yellow jackets. She shows a growing interest in tree carvings. This could lead to the “the beast“plot point at the Lord of the flies, the book that inspired Yellow jackets. The first sign of trouble for her is her behavior in the cabin, and the second is when the girls find the plane. That said, viewers will inevitably have to wait and see how Lottie’s disease affects the girls and their journey.

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