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A local family is asking for help after their 15-year-old son recently suffered a stroke.

Samuel Ingram is a sophomore at Mt. Pleasant High School. He is interested in skateboarding, video games, family and friends and music.

“Samuel also has a musical gift,” said LaMeil Babbitt-Ingram, Samuel’s mother. “He writes his own music and his rap name is ‘The Hustle King’. I’m his DJ, ‘DJ Millie Mom’.

He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as focal epilepsy. He also has the Patent Foremen Oval (PFO), meaning he has a hole in his heart.

“Everyone is born with an all in their heart, but it shuts down soon after birth,” Babbitt-Ingram said. “Samuel is never closed.”

This condition basically resulted in a stroke for him, which happened on the morning of July 1. When Babbitt-Ingram initially found him, she assumed he was having a seizure, but soon learned he had suffered a stroke due to a blood clot.

“A blood clot from an unidentified area of ​​his body formed and traveled through the set and reached his brain,” Babbitt-Ingram said. “The clot went into his brainstem, causing a stroke. The brainstem is often called the “holder of life”. It controls life or death, breathing, etc. The only way to know if you have PFO is if something happens and that was our something.

Samuel Ingram. Photo courtesy of LaMeil Babbitt-Ingram.

Samuel was taken to Mclaren Hospital in Mt. Pleasant but was air-medicated to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, where his family learned of his condition.

In terms of recovery, Samuel will likely face a long road to recovery. This includes going to rehab for intensive therapy as well as needing home modifications, including a specialist wheelchair among other equipment to help with his ongoing care. Currently, he is receiving treatment at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

On behalf of her family, Ellyssa Wyche has organized a GoFundMe page, under the name “Support Samuel” Hustle King Recovery Journey, so that friends, family and community members can support Samuel by contributing to his recovery process. .

“We want to make sure they have everything they need once he’s released from the rehab hospital beyond his limited insurance coverage and limited disability coverages,” the company said. GoFundMe page. “We strongly believe that with all the positivity they have received over the past week.

It gave Sam the strength to keep fighting. He is in a good mood. It will be a long way to go, but Sam is a resilient fighter. With the help of his family and friends, Sam will be stronger than ever. They are grateful for the outpouring of love and concern over the past week. They continue to ask for prayers and hope for miracles.

For more information, visit gofund.me/9333f691.

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