Kentucky Medical Marijuana Meetings Underway

KENTUCKY (WFIE) — Team Kentucky’s medical cannabis advisory committee held its first meeting in Frankfurt on Monday.

Two people from the three states are part of this committee.

Julie Cantwell is one of the Kentucky team’s medical cannabis advisory committee members and says she’s a lawyer herself, for reasons close to her.

“My son, Preston, he has generalized epilepsy. He has drug-resistant epilepsy,” Cantwell explains, “so about 3 years ago we decided to let him use medical cannabis from outside of the state, and he hasn’t had a seizure for 32 months.”

“People in their 70s and 80s are crossing state lines for help, and it makes me really sad that people have to break the law for something that really really works,” Cantwell says.

Cantwell is joined by 16 other specially selected members who will take the time to listen to Kentuckians across the state, both for and against the legalization of medical marijuana, to advise the administration on how to go about.

They will hear from residents like Grace Henderson, who says she has treated more than 20 chronic conditions in the past.

“I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease in 2005, my freshman year of college, and by then I had already been managing chronic pain for many years,” says Henderson.

Henderson says she was so debilitated by her ailments that she was placed on disability in 2011. She says she could barely function, let alone hold down a job.

She was tired of going through prescription drugs, hoping to find relief.

She’s switched to cannabis-related products, and she says it’s helped her tremendously.

In 2019, she was even able to get out of the handicap.

“I was able to find a job and use my college education, you know what I mean?” says Henderson, “like, all these student loans, I’m able to put all of that to good use, just by using cannabinoids and cannabis products.”

The problem?

The products that Henderson and Cantwell’s son each used came from out of state and are currently illegal in Kentucky. This is what the board is considering changing.

“They’re just ready for the state to do the right thing and legalize this,” Cantwell says.

“I won’t be considered a criminal anymore, and people like me won’t be considered criminals anymore, because I’m not a criminal,” Henderson said.

The committee will hold forums on July 6 in Pikeville, then on July 19, again in Frankfort.

The Kentucky team commentary page can be found here.

The Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis page can be found here.

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