Kate Garraway begs for urgent help after leaving her husband Derek’s lifesaving medicine in a taxi

KATE Garraway has begged fans for help after leaving husband Derek Draper’s medication in a cab.

Father-of-two Derek, 54, now needs round-the-clock care at home after coronavirus nearly killed him in 2020.


Kate Garraway accidentally left her husband Derek’s medication in a taxiCredit: PA

Good Morning Britain star Kate, 55, immediately realized her mistake and took to Twitter to issue a call to arms to try and get the supplies back.

Speaking to Black Cab Lost Property, she wrote: “Help @BC_Lostproperty!! Just took Derek home in a black cab moving from the hospital for a weekend visit and left a briefcase with all his meds and kit out front!”

She added: ‘The driver recognized me but may not know he’s there – please watch and get in touch – urgently needed!!’

A follower who knew her cab driver replied: ‘I know the driver Kate because he mentioned he took you and your husband to me tonight. I’m trying to contact you right now.’

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And they kept their word, letting people know that the situation had been resolved.

Just days ago Kate said she was closer than ever to Derek – but they are “learning a new way of being husband and wife”.

Despite these struggles, Kate insisted she had found a new way to fall in love with Derek and form a new level of closeness.

“When you’ve almost lost someone, that definitely highlights it,” Kate told Good Housekeeping.

“In many ways, we are still learning how we are as men and women, because so much has changed.

“It’s the same for children – they have to relearn the experience of being with their father.

“And, of course, the biggest learning is for poor Derek.”

Derek became Britain’s worst Covid patient after being admitted to hospital with the virus in March 2020.

He still needs frequent trips to the hospital lately and they have left her feeling emotional.

She wrote: “So Derek has been in and out of hospital a lot lately – hope the wonderful health teams help him get better, but I woke up early feeling exhausted and very restless. “

Kate, who shares children Billy and Darcey with Derek, added that she spends time in her “happy place” – the garden – to feel better.

She said: “As you know my garden is my #happyplace so I came out for some #calm and to be stuck in weeding and planting.

“It’s been ages since I could and I really missed it, but nature didn’t.

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“Flowers bloom, fruits grow, leaves dance in the breeze.

“I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere about how life finds a way, and I definitely feel better about being in it.”

Derek needs 24 hour care


Derek needs 24 hour care

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