Jump for Jared: Friends will skydive in memory of 20-year-old who died in bed

Jared Exley from Horbury was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager and battled frequent seizures.

His family and friends were devastated when he died suddenly on August 24 last year.

The cause of his death was SUDEP – sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

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Jared died a week before his 21st birthday.

Now a group of five friends will jump out of a plane in his memory and raise money for Epilepsy Research UK.

His friend Lewis Still, who attended Horbury Academy with Jared, said: “Jared was the kind of person no one could speak ill of, he was the perfect soul.

“He was kind, caring and strong because he didn’t let epilepsy rule his life.

“I learned of his death after work, I just refused to believe it.

Jared was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 17 years old.

“I had only seen him two days before, it hit me really hard because he just didn’t deserve it.

“The thing is, I still haven’t fully recovered.

“I still expect to see him around Horbury walking and smiling like he did.”

Described as laid back with a dry sense of humor, Jared hoped to become a radiologist.

Daredevils…(lr) Lewis Still, Dylan Telford, Sohail Khan, Nicola Esmond, Daniel Esmond and Matthew Harrison will participate in the fundraiser.

However, his life changed when he was 17 when he developed epilepsy, the cause of which remained unknown.

His condition deteriorated and would suffer up to three tonic-clonic seizures a month – during which he would fall unconscious.

His mother Jane said: “His diagnosis of epilepsy came as a shock to all of us but, naively, we thought he would be fine with the medication.

“The crises exhausted him and sometimes it took him days to recover.

“But Jared always picked himself up and often said he wouldn’t let epilepsy control his life.”

More than 200 people attended a celebration of his life in the weeks following his passing.

A memorial tree was planted in Horbury Park and funds were raised for the bench.

The group of friends, led by Lewis, will take part in the parachute jump in Bridlington on May 21.

Over £1,000 has been raised so far with a target of £5,000.

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