Is the scorching weather about to arrive in Ireland? The Met Eireann 30-day forecast has a great week

Met Eireann’s long-term forecast calls for a fine week just around the corner as temperatures soar to 17C.

There is, however, a warning from the national forecaster that ‘extreme weather conditions cannot be ruled out at this time of year’.

But indications are that warmer conditions should make their way over the country with plenty of good days on the way.

Here’s how Met Eireann sees the next month unfolding;

Eireann Long Range Forecast

Week 1 (Monday March 21 to Sunday March 27)

“Pressure should be relatively high throughout this week bringing quite a bit of calm weather and only small amounts of light showers or the occasional drizzle. So overall much drier than average with only a few mm of rain in places and some areas seeing nothing Warmer than average is expected with some pleasant warm spring days. The exposed eastern and southern coastal fringes will be sometimes a little cooler.

“But on average warmer than normal for the country-wide period, although grass/ground frosts will still occur on some nights with mist and fog as the initially cool winds will become lighter .”

Week 2 (Monday March 28 to Sunday April 03)

“Although the pressure is still high, it is not as well established and is likely to be a bit more variable. However, it is still expected to be drier than normal overall Temperatures will return to more seasonal values.”

Week 3 (Monday April 04 to Sunday April 10)

“A more disturbed regime for this period with values ​​a little wetter than normal. Climatic extremes cannot be ruled out at this time of year either. The depression will dominate and will probably be located between Iceland and Iceland. Ireland with an anticyclone dominating the Mediterranean.

“However, it looks like it will be slightly above normal in terms of temperatures in most parts of Ireland, although some north-west coastal fringes will have nearer-normal temperatures.”

Week 4 (Monday April 11 to Sunday April 17)

“Confidence is much lower at this point. There is a weak signal for slightly drier than average weather overall with near normal temperatures.”

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