Increase in viral infections, upset stomach due to out of season rains; doctors warn of ignoring symptoms and self-medication

The off-season rains led to a slight increase in cases of viral infections, dengue fever, malaria and hepatitis. Doctors, however, cautioned against ignoring symptoms of mild fever and body aches, as well as self-medication.

Senior health officials from the Civic Health Department said hospitals are still seeing an increase in the number of patients with viral infections and upset stomach when the temperature fluctuates. They said viruses thrive in such weather changes, but this year’s unusual rainfall has resulted in a more than normal increase.

Dr Ramesh Bharmal, dean of BYL Nair Hospital, said the hospital receives at least 10 patients with breathing problems in their OPD every day. “Not everyone needs to be hospitalized, but in a situation where the fever is high, usually over 100 degrees, patients request admission and need intravenous antibiotics,” he said. he declares.

BMC public health chief Dr Mangala Gomare said flu-like symptoms should be tested immediately to rule out Covid-19.

Dr Hemant Thacker, a doctor at Breach Candy Hospital, said citizens should be very careful due to the pandemic. “Such climate change is favorable for viral infections. We will see an increase in respiratory illnesses. Since swine flu is a viral infection affecting the respiratory organs, the chances of cases increasing are high, ”he said. Dr Thacker added that in the past 24 hours he had seen an increase in cases of dengue and gastroenteritis. Meanwhile, experts have warned against dining out. They said children, the elderly and immunocompromised patients need to be more careful.

Posted on: Sunday December 05, 2021 09:38 IST

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