Hints of possible conflict sparked diplomatic offensive in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo Times

The diplomatic offensive in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a logical sequence after the political crisis has produced indications of possible conflicts. The first task seems to have been accomplished by Gabriel Escobar with firm guarantees of security, a call for dialogue, and the threat of sanctions for anti-Dayton activities.

“These sanctions can also mean financial sanctions, which is the most painful point for most national politicians, ”Topic explained, a political analyst.

At the same time, Escobar opened up the possibility of stopping the unilateral political demarches announced by Milorad Dodik. During his visit to Banja Luka, he recognized the role ofRepublika Srpska (RS) in the search for a solution.

“This is one of the good indicators. He showed that Banja Luka is an important player in BiH, that RS has the right to express an opinionpolitical scientist Velizar Antic said.

In the middle of the month, the United States (United States)-European Palmer – Ejhorst tandem will perform again, with a mission to encourage changes in electoral law and limited constitutional changes. There is no indication that they could impose solutions. What could be the role of Derek Schole, Anthony Blinken’s advisor?

“If we look at the biography of this man, then it is very clear that this, in a way, represents a further elevation of the diplomatic level. from U.S engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans, which directly indicates that the United States begin take this pproblem seriously, ”said Srecko Latal, a political analyst.

At the same time, there is an idea to involve Turkey, as well as neighboring Serbia and Croatia in finding a solution for BiH, mainly encouraged by Milorad Dodik. After his meeting with Turkish president Erdogan, two other membersrs of the presidency could also meet the turkish president.

“It indicates that Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, and Russia can have a more concrete and greater influence on BiH today’s politicians than the United States and Europe can have it today, ”added Srecko Latal, a political analyst.

“Are our neighbors playing a constructive role, they are not. Every time they sneeze in Serbia or Croatia, we catch a cold, ”said Tanja Topic, political analyst.

The Western Balkans are discussed in Washington. There are also indications that the sanctions that Washington is widely announcing have become a topic of discussion at the European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels. Meanwhile, national political leaders are engaged in verbal confrontations and lack of will for dialogue.


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