Health care access coalition seeks to help reduce the cost of prescription drugs

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) — An Upper Peninsula nonprofit is working to help people save money on prescriptions.

Last year alone, the Medical Care and Access Coalition (MCAC) of Dickinson and Iron Counties helped people save more than $2 million on their prescriptions.

The nonprofit coalition is funded by government grants and programs. The organization said the most popular medications people need are insulin and heart medication.

“Yesterday I referred a client. His medication would have cost him on his current insurance $6,117 out of pocket for the rest of the year. Because we were able to change his Medicare Part D insurance, we were able to bring it down to $360,” said Mylynn Truleck, executive director of MCAC of Dickinson and Iron Counties.

The organization has offices in Iron Mountain and Iron River and said it does not reject any applications. Truleck said prescription drugs are a necessity for those with health conditions, but cost remains an issue. When a customer learns how much they’ve saved, it can be an emotional moment.

“Sometimes they cry, some hug me. It is a blessing to have these services available to people in our area.

The organization was founded in 2004 and lost funding in 2018. Truleck said if it hadn’t been for a $60,000 donation from Enbridge, the coalition would have shut down.

Now the group is funded by state and federal programs, as well as grants from Enbridge, the Dickinson Area Community Foundation, and more.

To inquire about applying to see if you qualify for assistance, call 906-774-3980. His Iron Mountain office is in the basement of Dickinson Hospital, now part of the Marshfield Clinic Health System. The Iron River office is located at the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department.

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