Halifax Tattoo Studio fundraiser today so epileptic artist can have surgery to stop his seizures

The team at Halifax Tattoo Collective, on Clare Road in downtown Halifax, have put together a huge selection of designs which will be available today from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. for walk-in customers on a no-call basis. first come, first served.

Proceeds will go to help a member of their staff who was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 10.

None of the drugs available on the NHS were able to treat his condition and his seizures got progressively worse.

Halifax Tattoo Collective

They are now at the point where she is getting injuries and because they have become more frequent she can no longer work.

Her colleagues are hoping to raise enough money so she can see a private neurologist and undergo surgery that could end her seizures.

Torz Kelly, who runs the Halifax Tattoo Collective with partner Steve Wade, said: ‘We miss her and are worried about her.

“The crises are getting worse. We are trying to raise funds so that she can have this operation.”

Three of the tattoo artists are offering free tattoos worth between £160 and £180 at £10 a ticket.

There will also be a cake stand and other ways to donate without getting a tattoo.

For more information on fundraising today and how to donate, visit the Halifax Tattoo Collective Facebook page.

Halifax Tattoo Collective moved to Clare Road from its former premises on Silver Street earlier this year.

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