Gwen shares a weird article about drugs and antidepressants

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown is freaking out her followers after a rather thoughtless post on social media about her concoction of pills for a cold.

Gwendlyn Brown of sister wives is causing concern among her followers after posting information about some medications she was planning to take. Daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, Gwen has seen more than ten years of her life documented on sister wives. Gwendlyn is the eleventh child of 18 and is generally calm, cool and collected when it comes to her polygamous family. She is Christine and Kody’s fourth child and made her TLC debut when she was eight years old.

Gwendlyn has already spoken out against her father and made fun of him publicly. The 20-year-old is unhappy with the way Kody treats her family, especially Christine. Gwen often makes her position known on her social media, sharing updates with her more than 74,000 followers.


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the sister wives The star basically grew up entirely on screen and in front of viewers’ eyes, which is why they were alarmed by Gwen’s recent Instagram story. Gwen shared a photo of herself in her bathroom mirror. She wrote: “I ate 3 bowls of cereal this morning to fight my cold and obviously it didn’t work so I’m going to take all my cold and flu meds and antidepressants and let you know.“Gwen was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and a messy bun. The second photo showed her with a negative COVID-19 test.

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown Negative COVID Test Instagram Story

Gwen must have known her post was thoughtless and quickly deleted her first photo and first caption. However, that hasn’t stopped viewers from taking to Reddit to wonder if Kody and Christine’s daughter is okay or not. In a thread started by user SaraSmilesssss, sister wives viewers couldn’t help but wonder exactly what Gwen was trying to imply. One user commented that although Gwen tried to use humor, it obviously backfired. Others couldn’t help but think that her actions seemed very attention-grabbing and irresponsible if she was joking. However, some agreed that dark jokes are often used as a coping mechanism.

Gwen has been on sister wives viewers’ radar in a new way for quite some time now. In November, she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. Luckily, Gwen only had a bad scrape on her knee and shared her injuries with her followers at the time. Luckily, it seems Gwen’s most recent post was just a joke, but some still feel unsettled by it. Many blame Kody for being an absentee father and believe that his children are now suffering the consequences of his selfish actions. While everyone makes mistakes, especially online where things are more open, I hope Gwen learned a valuable lesson about not joking around about mental health online.

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Source: Gwen Brown/Instagram, SaraSmilessss/Reddit

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