Geographical Indications Law registers 72 hand-woven products and 6 logos for promotion


Geographical Indications Law registers 72 hand-woven products and 6 logos for promotion

New Delhi, 11 Dec. (KNN) The Ministry of Textiles, Office of the Commissioner for Hand Loom Development implements the National Hand Loom Development Program (NHDP) and the Raw Material Supply Program (RMSS) for the development of looms and the welfare of hand weavers across the country.

Under the above programs, financial assistance is provided to eligible handloom agencies / weavers for raw materials, development of common infrastructure, marketing of handloom products in national / foreign markets, loans at preferential rates, etc., the press release reads.

The programs aim to increase productivity by providing improved looms and accessories to hand weavers at 90 percent subsidized rates, upgrading skills through training programs, design innovation and product diversification by engaging designers, producing varieties of handloom products including traditional and contemporary for domestic as well as overseas markets.

Through this, the ministry promotes the export of hand-woven products by organizing / participating in international fairs / exhibitions, buyer-seller meetings, reverse buyer-seller meeting, etc.

By registering traditional hand-woven products under the Geographical Indications (GI) Act 1999, they are also widely promoted.

So far, 72 hand-woven products and 06 product logos are registered under IG law. Banaras Brocade and Saree and Champa Silk Saree and fabrics (made from kosa) have been registered under the GI Act to protect them against imitation or unauthorized use by third parties.

In addition, the “India Handloom” (IHB) brand was launched for the branding and promotion of high quality niche products that are flawless and have no effect on the environment. 1714 registrations have been issued as of 31.10.2021. In order to promote the electronic marketing of hand-woven products, including IHB products, 23 e-commerce entities have been engaged.

According to India’s 4th Hand Loom Census 2019-20, there are 35.22 lakh of handloom workers across the country. The benefits of the above schemes are available to all eligible agencies / organizations / handcraft workers etc. from the country.


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