Epileptic rescue dog Gandalf reaches new heights by bagging fifth Munro

An epileptic dog rescued five years ago by a Stirlingshire animal sanctuary has climbed his fifth Munro.

Gandalf developed the condition just a few weeks old.

But he was given a home by Mione Morrison who runs local animal charity Glendrick Roost.

Last month, Gandalf accompanied Glendrick supporters to the summit of Schiehallion, having already bagged four other Munros, including Ben Lomond.

Mione’s daughter Cathy Morrison said: ‘Gandalf is now five years old and hopes to do more Munros over the summer to raise money for the shrine. What a great boy.

“He came to live with us as a tiny little puppy who reacted to his vaccines with seizures. He came in the spring of 2018 – among the daffodils.

“He is always a hug and a very popular boy at our Snuggle Special Needs dog events.”

Snuggle events have become increasingly popular and are a major fundraiser for the charity, with visitors spending time with the dogs and other animals at the sanctuary and hearing their often moving but ultimately heartwarming stories.

Happy Gandalf in his adventures

Glendrick Roost exists for the sole purpose of providing a forever home for rescue animals and relies on the generosity of members of the community at large to make donations to support its work, especially small but regular donations to provide a monthly income .

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The sanctuary has been in operation for nearly two decades, caring for more than 160 creatures of all sizes, from gerbils to Clydesdale horses, who have been abused, abandoned or neglected, giving them a forever home.

They also offer educational and therapeutic activities – for humans – including for children and adults with special needs, as well as sessions for visitors looking for an inspiring experience.

Cathy added: “At Snuggle events, people are greeted at the sanctuary by a myriad of barking, happy, tail-wagging dogs.

One of the dogs on cuddle day

“Once the excitement has died down a bit, you can sit at the picnic tables on the covered patio and have adorable Chihuahuas climbing in your lap, Labradors vying for attention – and Gandalf our large golden doodledor watching the activities from his vantage point on another picnic table.

“Dogs all love attention – and while you cuddle and hug them, we’ll tell all their stories about how they got to the sanctuary and their special needs and treatments, if any.

“A short tour of the other animals in the sanctuary can also be included if desired.”

One online reviewer said: ‘What an incredibly heartwarming experience. The dogs were all super cuddly, fun and tame. The real star of the show is Mione for taking such good care of these amazing animals.

Visiting activities take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. To book and for more information on times and ticket prices, go to https://glendrickroost.org.uk/ or visit the Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Center facebook page.

Animals can also be sponsored and volunteers are also needed to help with animal care, DIY, gardening, odd jobs and more and also fundraising.

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