Edmonton Valley Zoo mourns death of epileptic monkey named Jack

A 14-year-old golden lion tamarin named Jack who lived at the Edmonton Valley Zoo has died.

“Jack loved grapes and mealworms, and we loved Jack,” zoo officials said in an announcement Wednesday morning.

Jack arrived in the Alberta capital in 2015 with his brother Hayden. After Hayden’s death, Jack was placed with a new companion, a Goeldi monkey named Sandae.

“Despite being different species, Jack and Sandae bonded right away and were often spied curled up or grooming each other,” the zoo said.

Over the past few years, Jack has started having seizures and mobility issues. Later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder that can also affect humans.

“He had a hammock under his platforms in case he fell, and he could often be seen climbing a ladder up to his platforms like a little trapeze artist.”

The zoo was collecting donations in Jack’s memory, with funds going to Build Our Zoo, a registered charity that raises money for the zoo’s development and programming.

Golden lion tamarins, also known as golden marmosets, are an endangered type of small New World monkey native to coastal Brazil.

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