EARLY INDICATIONS: Ruimy is named mayor of Maple Ridge, defeating Morden

It’s based on preliminary numbers, but it looks like Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows both have new mayors as they approach their next four-year term.

The current mayor of Pitt Meadows has retired, and outgoing Councilor Nicole MacDonald was the only one to put her name forward to take the position. It means she was acclaimed.

It looks like she’ll be joined on the board by returning advisers Tracy Elke (Miyashita), Mike Hayes, Gwen O’Connell and Bob Meachen.

The new Pitt Meadows board members will be Alison Evans and Mike Manion.

On the school board side, Pitt Meadows elected Hudson Campbell and re-elected current trustee Katie Sullivan.

As for the Maple Ridge election, the numbers don’t appear to have been submitted to Elections BC, but the municipal website shows former MLA Dan Ruimy beating current Mayor Mike Morden.

Both ran on slates, and there are many indications that Ruimy will be joined by his group, which includes newcomers Jenny Tan, Sunny Schiller, Onyeka Dozie and former school administrator Korleen Carreras.

One of Morden’s slate, current councilor Judy Dueck, was also re-elected.

And only one independent, Ahmed Yousef, came out on top in the polls.

When it comes to the school board, there is only one new face for Maple Ridge.

Elaine Yamamato, Mike Murray, Kim Dumore and Pascale Shaw were all fired. They are joined by Gabe Liosis.

• Stay tuned for more.

Election 2022maple ridgePitt Meadows

The Maple Ridge municipal website shows a significant change in the upcoming council. The slate, A Better Maple Ridge, took the win. (Screenshot)

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