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REFER to ‘Fit for flight’; not allowing a disabled passenger with a valid reservation to board an aircraft is to deny the dignity of any person with reduced mobility. The airline breached DGCA guidelines which state that any traveler with a disability must be assisted to meet their needs and ensure safe boarding and travel. Humiliation, abuse and discrimination are part and parcel of the lives of citizens with disabilities. In some cases, even the co-passengers of the bus refuse to get up and leave the places reserved for the disabled. We need to be sensitive to people with disabilities not just on airplanes, but on other modes of transportation as well as in public places like shopping malls and movie theatres.

Mrs. KHOKHAR, by mail

Education reforms

Regarding the “Adarsh ​​situation”, institution building requires much more than the construction of expensive structures. It needs government and public support. The AAP government plans to introduce the Delhi model to improve the quality of education in public schools, but lack of resources hampers the execution of these programs. Any government that carries out reforms in education will consolidate its mass base.

Roshan Lal Goel, Ladwa

The rot in the font

“Little sense of fair play” is a warning to control the malaise that has taken hold in the police and the dangers it poses to the peaceful social fabric of the country. When the top brass show a lack of justice, their executives in particular and the people in general are discouraged. Insecurity displaces the little courage we have. People are forced to think of other alternatives to protect themselves. It reminds me of the tribal wars in Africa and the conditions in which people live there. Racial conflicts are orchestrated by power-hungry politicians.

Nirmal Singh, Patiala

try to disturb the peace

The recent seizure of RDXs, weapons and the attack on a police headquarters building raises questions about the public order and security situation in the state. Supporters of the Khalistan movement interpret the change of government as an opportunity to carry out their agenda. We must not indulge in the politics of blaming each other, rather we must come together and rise to this challenge. Our law enforcement agencies are capable and experienced in dealing with this kind of activity. The government must take action against these criminals and sleeper cells.

Deepak, by mail

Hypertensive adults

Refer to the ICMR study on the prevalence of hypertension, about 28% of the adult population suffers from it and about 70% are unaware of it. The trend will take on alarming proportions in the coming years. Hypertension can be controlled with medication, but the cause for concern is that a large number of people who do not have symptoms go undiagnosed until they develop complications. Untreated, it can affect the cardiovascular system, leading to increased morbidity and mortality. The cure lies in increased monitoring and screening. Massive awareness programs should be launched by health services, NGOs, etc.

Dinesh Kumar Verma, Panchkula

Sedition Act

About “review the sedition law”, the purpose behind such legislation is to restrain the idea of ​​hatred and opposition against the government. India has almost all borrowed laws; there is no lack of laws, but their effective implementation is problematic. Our country will be rejuvenated when the “dictatorship” is stopped.

Tania Mann, Dhouri

cyber security

World Password Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday in May to promote cybersecurity, but some cyber activities go beyond passwords. A few days ago, hackers managed to fake my facebook profile and tricked my friends into transferring money because I was in big trouble and needed financial help immediately. The profile on social media platforms should only be allowed to be generated after getting approval from the office of social media platforms. It shouldn’t be free for everyone. These platforms boast of huge subscribers, but if scrutinized, much of it will turn out to be fictional.

Rajesh Goyal, by mail

UGC salary scales

Higher education in Punjab is in crisis. Establishments do not meet UGC standards. Punjab has the dubious distinction of being the only state that has not implemented UGC salary scales. She also called into question the constitutional framework by dissociating the scales of the UGC. The reduction in the subsidy for the salary of newly appointed staff poses problems. Provisions should be made in the budget for the implementation of UGC salary grids; provision for payment of full compensation and allowances (withdrawal of 2015 notification); and provision for reinstatement of retirement benefits (from 2004) for university professors.


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