Controversial treatment for childhood epilepsy shows incredible promise

A new study has found a very promising new treatment in the treatment of childhood epilepsy. While it would be wonderful if we lived in a world where children weren’t struggling with illnesses and challenges, it just isn’t the world we live in. There are children who struggle with mental and physical illnesses, and these can affect their well-being and their quality of life. Since this is the world we live in, work needs to be done to examine the resources and treatments that can help these children live the best possible lives, and the science is moving closer every year.

Epilepsy is something that many children live with, and it can be debilitating, however, a new treatment may be on the way and it is not what many may have suspected. According to Medical Xpress, a study was performed which showed that medical cannabis helps reduce the frequency of seizures in young people.

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Cannabis has shown great promise for treating medical conditions, but it remains a controversial choice for many parents when it comes to their children. This new study was published in the British medical journal, and it can be read in full here.

The results were startling, however, and researchers found that the frequency of epileptic seizures in children was reduced by 86% when children were treated with whole plant medicinal cannabis. This study was performed on 10 children, and none of the children had responded positively to previous treatments using CBD oil that had previously been diagnosed for their condition. This study led researchers to call for more studies and testing to be done to see how much it could help children with epilepsy.

The difference with whole plant cannabis is that it contains THC, something not found in the CBD oil they used before, and maybe that’s what makes it successful. THC is also responsible for the sensations people get when using this product recreationally, which may explain why it was not previously considered for the treatment of children. It has also not been thoroughly examined due to its legality. This study was from the UK and cannabis has been made illegal, both for recreational and medical purposes, so this is the first study in recent years to show just how beneficial it can be.

Sources: Medical Xpress, BMJ Open

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