Community event draws crowds for free over-the-counter drugs

Open your medicine cabinet and you’ll find items that many take for granted, but for others these common over-the-counter medications are just too expensive.

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open your medicine cabinet and you will find items that many take for granted like ibuprofen for example. But for many, over-the-counter drugs are simply too expensive. WRL S Adam Owen saw the extent of the need during a giveaway at Smithfield. The line stretched down the hall. It is a blessing for the community. This led to a constantly moving room where volunteers bagged cold medicine, painkillers, vitamins and other over-the-counter pharmacy items and all for free. It just costs more to get by right now. And that sometimes means tough decisions have to be made between food and medication. Connie Creech was also in drug distribution at Smithfield Limited. It is now difficult to treat even the simplest health problems. If you feel like you might want to take a Tylenol for a headache. You don’t. We loved doing this for our community. L wanda Hyman pharaoh was with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Sai Omega Chapter an organizer of the event with the help of the Medici and other partners. We only started at 9/30 people in line at 6pm. When I walked through the door, it was confirmation that they were providing a lifeline that people really need. People in line have asked us to make sure organizers and volunteers know just how much Adam Owens needs wonderful service in our community. WRL News shows the need is there Covid and flu shots have also been offered to organizers in hopes of helping up to 1,500 people believe they won’t make it

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