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DENVER, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – ClinOne, the patient relations company for clinical trials, cracked the code to keep elderly patients engaged and safe with its dosage manager, which is part of the platform unique ClinOne directly to the patient. The interactive SMS solution, easy to use for patients on their own mobile device, helped clinical sites in an elderly cardiovascular trial achieve patient compliance of up to 98% at 18 months of study.

Research cited in applied clinical trials shows that, on average, 40% of patients in trials do not comply by 5 months. As a result, an average Phase III trial will require an additional 460 patients to a $ 12 million, with each 1% improvement in compliance resulting in $ 335,000 in cost savings (1). Compliance may be even lower for long cardiovascular studies, elderly patient populations, or twice-daily dosing requirements – and this trial exhibited all three risk factors.

When a leading pharmaceutical company asked patients with transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis (ATTR-CM) with an average age of 74 to self-administer cardiometabolic drugs 2x / day throughout a trial multi-year, they trusted ClinOne Dosing Manager to …

–Invite patients to take their medication with twice daily reminders

–Share dosing schedules with caregivers, family members and loved ones

–Confirm that they have taken their dose via an interactive SMS response

–Provide easy access to records to remind patients and avoid double doses

Patients consistently demonstrated greater than 70% drug adherence throughout the duration of the trial, with major academic research centers reporting compliance of up to 98% during an interim snapshot taken at 18 months of study, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Mayo Clinic and Universities of Washington, Caroline from the south, Colorado, and Pittsburgh.

“It can be an insurmountable burden for elderly patients with cardiovascular disease to remain alone involved in a clinical trial,” said Rob bohacs (LinkedIn), Founder and Director of Solutions at ClinOne. “Yet most trials spend millions of dollars on data entry and other systems without providing meaningful support to patients at home to help them stay active and compliant. Thanks to our Dosage Manager, patients in this study remained compliant and became even more engaged as the trial continued – proving value for forward-thinking sponsors and CROs using simple technology. to directly support patients, caregivers, family members and loved ones. “

Since Dosing Manager is part of the single ClinOne platform, patients can also access digital concierge, Uber Health transportation, virtual tours, and electronic consent. The sites received weekly compliance reports so that they could identify patients who would benefit from additional support and follow-up.

Read the full case study here – and find out how the ClinOne Assay Manager and Technology Platform can help your organization perform better trials at

(1) Applied clinical trials, “Non-adherence: a direct influence on the duration and cost of clinical trials”, Moe Alsumidaie (2017)

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