Robotic drug distribution: the pharmacy goes digital

When her daughter was hospitalized at birth, Omnicell founder and CEO Randall Lipps observed how inefficiently medical supplies were being managed. In particular, he found that nurses could not spend time caring for patients directly because they were too busy dispensing medication. The experience led Lipps to create Omnicell in …

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Promote patient adherence to medication

It is important for pharmacists to understand the relationship between medication adherence and patient outcomes. This is neither the first nor the last thing you will read about patient adherence to drug therapy. Ensuring, or at least promoting or facilitating, drug adherence is one of the most salient unmet health …

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Queen Anne County, Maryland, the Atlantic gateway to Washington, DC, leads state in providing EMSs with mobile access to patient history

ROCKVILLE, Maryland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Quick access to medical care often means the difference between life and death during emergency calls for serious traffic accidents, heart attacks and strokes. The Queen Anne County Emergency Services Department is the first in Maryland to take advantage of a state budget provision …

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