unlock the medicinal value of CBD

Dr Sotirios Karathanasis discusses the history of cannabis as a treatment and looks at the process of transforming herbal medicines into clinically proven medicines. Over the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has entered mainstream use as an ingredient with a range of proposed and proven health benefits. While the first …

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Biomax Informatics: Universities Use NeuroXM ™ to Study Connectome in Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

PLANEGG, Germany – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Using Biomax Informatics’ NeuroXM knowledge management platform, scientists from the universities of Nottingham, Newcastle, Qingdao, Shanghai and Munich studied the evolution of the connectome in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. They found that connectivity between and within regions of the brain can be an accurate …

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[2021] Pediatric Absence Epilepsy Treatment Market In-Depth Insight By Coherentmarketinsights.com – KSU

The market for the treatment of absence epilepsy in children Important research methodologies and Development Strategy Analysis 2021-2027 The global Pediatric Absence Epilepsy Treatment market report involves the extensive use of valid primary and secondary sources. The research process is associated with the study of various market related factors which …

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