Agriculture: Commission approves new geographical indication for United States

July 17 marked the deadline for Member States to transpose the revised version Open Data and Public Sector Information Reuse Directive in national law. The updated rules will stimulate the development of innovative solutions such as mobility applications, increase transparency by opening up access to publicly funded research data and support new technologies, including artificial intelligence. A Europe worthy of the digital age Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestage said: “With our data strategy, we are defining a European approach to unlocking the benefits of data. The new directive is essential to make the vast and precious pool of resources produced by public bodies available for reuse. Resources that have already been paid by the taxpayer. Thus, society and the economy can benefit from more transparency in the public sector and innovative products.

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said: “These rules on open data and the re-use of public sector information will allow us to overcome the obstacles that prevent the full reuse of public sector data, especially for SMEs. The total direct economic value of this data is expected to quadruple, from € 52 billion in 2018 for EU member states and the UK to € 194 billion in 2030. Increased business opportunities will benefit all EU citizens thanks to the new services.

The public sector produces, collects and disseminates data in many areas, for example geographic, legal, meteorological, political and educational data. The new rules, adopted in June 2019, ensure that more of this public sector information is readily available for reuse, thereby generating value for the economy and society. They are the result of a review of the old directive on the re-use of public sector information (PSI directive). The new rules will update the legislative framework with recent advances in digital technologies and further stimulate digital innovation. More information is available online.

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